Friday, 4 January 2013

UNTOLD STORIES? A storytelling conference, 13th - 14th June 2013, Lincoln Business School, University of Lincoln, UK


Keynote speakers:

Professor Yiannis Gabriel, University of Bath

Professor David Sims, Cass Business School

Organizational life is imbued with story and story telling. What counts as a story is a matter of debate ranging from terse, polysemic and multi-authored postmodern ante-narratives (Boje, 1991, 1995), through emplotted, emotion-generating narratives endowed with relatively stable meaning (Gabriel, 2000), to approaching a particular scientific paradigm as a sort of a story (Czarniawska, 1995). Theoretical and empirical developments suggests that organizational stories fulfil a range of functions such as: mapping the territory of organizational sensemaking (Wilkins, 1984); expressing deeply embedded organizational mythologies (Kostera, 2008); glorifying past and/or future (Ybema, 2010); enforcing control and resistance (Wilkins, 1983); contributing to the formation of identity (Bamberg, 2010); managing (Brown, 2003) and disseminating knowledge (Campbell, 1972); facilitating the unmanaged spaces (Gabriel, 1995).



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