Friday, 22 January 2016

PhD Defenses Coming Up!

SEIN heeft een boeiende line-up van doctoraatsverdedigingen in petto voor jullie tijdens de eerste week van februari!

Hannah Vermaut bijt de spits af hier aan de Universiteit Hasselt op woensdag 3 februari met haar doctoraat getiteld "In search of the diversity in diversity management: exploring novel practices to manage a diverse workforce".

Ze geeft de fakkel door aan Tess Schoreel die haar werkt getiteld "Essays on dual-earner employees managing work and family and the effects on well-being" zal verdedigen de dag nadien, donderdag 4 februari in Leuven.

Tot slot zal ook Joost Luyckx op vrijdag 5 december het publiek op de hoogte brengen van zijn activiteiten de voorbije jaren in zijn doctoraat getiteld "Legitimacy struggles over multinational companies in the current era of globalization".

​Op de foto links Joost en rechts Hannah tijdens een EqualDiv@Work meeting

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Public lecture by Vicki Squire (University of Warwick) on The European 'refugee crisis': Questioning assumptions, February 11th, 2016, @ UHasselt

This talk will reflect on the current European migration or 'refugee crisis'. Specifically, this 'crisis' will be examined in the context of a broader global and historical power dynamics, which condition unauthorised migrations and which are integral in understanding the way in which the 'crisis' has both emerged and been addressed. The talk will give an overview of the 'crisis' in its longer duration, as well as emphasising the diversity of recent migratory journeys and experiences. Drawing on the findings of a new research project that is based on in-depth qualitative interviews with new arrivals in Kos (Greece), Sicily (Italy) and Malta, the project will shed light on and question a range of assumptions about unauthorised migration. In doing so, it will put forward proposals for policy development in terms that do not simply 'solve a crisis', but that can transform the conditions under which such a crisis emerges in the first place.

The lecture will take place from 5 to 7pm  in Room H2 - Hasselt University (campus Diepenbeek) Agoralaan (building D) 3590, Diepenbeek.

Short bio

Dr Vicki Squire is Associate Professor of International Security at the Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL ( She is Principal Investigator on the ESRC urgent research project Crossing the Mediterranean Sea by Boat, and on the Leverhulme Fellowship Human Dignity and Biophysical Violence. She has written three books and over thirty journal articles and book chapters in the area of border and migration politics, and he rmost recent publication is Post/humanitarian Border Politics between Mexico and the US (Palgrave, 2015).

For her recent photo essay see


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Ik wil graag bij u werken!

ORBIT wil met nieuwe campagne meer werknemers met een migratieachtergrond op de werkvloer en zoekt consultants.

Tussen 15 oktober 2015 en 15 oktober 2016 zal ORBIT vzw – samen met Pax Christi Wallonie-Bruxelles en met de expertise van CBAI (Centre Bruxellois d'Action Interculturelle). De campagne over tewerkstelling van werknemers met een migratieachtergrond uitwerken en begeleiden. 

Lees meer 

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

La diversité et l’emploi font-ils bon ménage ?

La gestion de la diversité en question, lors d'un colloque les 10 et 11 décembre

Les 10 et 11 décembre prochains auront lieu pour la première fois à Liège les 11es Rencontres de la diversité. Une occasion de questionner les politiques de gestion de la diversité dans les ressources humaines et d'établir un état des lieux, à l'heure où les opinions publiques et les employeurs s'interrogent sur ces politiques importées des États-Unis.

Faire le point sur les politiques de gestion dans différents pays, voilà l'objectif du colloque intitulé "La gestion de la diversité en question". Outre les personnalités académiques présentes, chaque atelier fera intervenir des employeurs du privé comme du public, de jeunes chercheurs et des doctorants, des membres de la société civile aussi. Ces 11es Rencontres de la diversité vont innover en intégrant la pluralité des créateurs d'entreprises et les indépendants.

Continuez à lire sur

Site du colloque organisé dans le cadre de la chaire Diversité et Innovation Sociale Ulg-UHasselt 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Debat "Vergeet multiculti, hier is superdiversiteit" op het Festival van de Gelijkheid - donderdag 10 december in Vooruit in Gent

Op 9, 10 en 11 december organiseert Curieus vzw haar derde Festival van de Gelijkheid in Vooruit in Gent (

Drie dagen lang palmen we de hele Vooruit in met een breed programma aan debatten, interviews, lezingen, docu, expo, boekenmarkt, dans, boekenruil, literatuur, muziek, …


Na twee edities is het Festival al uitgegroeid tot een belangrijke speler in het maatschappelijke debat.

In totaal vonden al meer dan 5.000 mensen hun weg naar Vooruit.


Op donderdag 10 december om 17u30 organiseren we ons openingsdebat: "Vergeet multiculti, hier is superdiversiteit" in de Dansstudio van Vooruit.

Onze panelleden: Ico Maly (doctor Cultuurwetenschappen universiteit Tilburg), Yasmine Kherbache (Vlaams parlementslid), Rachida Lamrabet (auteur), Naema Tahir (auteur) en Bie Vancraeynest (coördinator van jeugdhuis Chicago in Brussel). Orlando Verde (woordvoerder van Kif Kif) modereert.

Het volledige programmaboekje van het Festival vindt u hier:





Friday, 13 November 2015

Call for Papers: Special issue Post-capitalistic politics in the making: Practices of alternative economies

Guest Editors: Patrizia Zanoni, Raza Mir, Stephen Healy & Alessia Contu

Journal: Organization: The Critical Journal of Organization, Theory and Society

Deadline 28 February 2016

Critiques of neo-liberal capitalism, while never completely absent, have increased globally after the latest financial crisis. Critical engagements have grown (also in the West) becoming more urgent and widespread in the media and the broader cultural and political domains reaching and involving millions. 

In political studies and heterodox economics, many diverse theorists are elaborating,

and calling for, the actualization of radical democratic alternatives that practice a generative, ethical, post-capitalocentric economy (e.g. Castoriadis, 2010; Gibson-Graham, 1996b, 2003, 2006; Kelly, 2012; Latouche, 2009; Wolff, 2012).

Diverse economies are not only possible but also richly present and growing in significance globally. Diverse economies exhibit values, mode of exchanges, work, ownerships, and practices that do not follow the logic of capitalist accumulation and profit maximization concentrated in private ends solely for private purposes. Studying, proposing, and theorizing such alternatives are not an easy feat, particularly if one is to avoid romanticization and stereotyping and aims to maintain a vigilant eye by ascertaining in what ways post-capitalist alternatives do increase liberty, equality, and individual and collective welfare.

We call on theorists and researchers to join this urgent conversation on the disharmony,

incoherence, and contradictions of capitalism. The study and practice of alternatives is performative in that it fosters our understanding of the (im)potentialities of non-capitalistic alternatives within and beyond capitalism (Gibson-Graham, 1996a; Sharpe, 2014).

We seek papers that develop innovative insights in the way alternative economies produce non-capitalistic modes of value allocation, how they foster non-capitalistic subjectivities, and are themselves variously related to capitalism. We are particularly interested in studies that focus on the practices involved in constituting and reproducing such organizational alternatives, for example, in engendering and experiencing new forms of ownerships, funding, decision-making, leadership, and communication.

For the full call, see 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

7th Equal@Work Platform Seminar: Moving forward on religion and belief at the workplace: opportunities and challenges!

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7th Equal@Work Platform Seminar

 Moving forward on religion and belief at the workplace: opportunities and challenges!


4th December, Brussels

ENAR has the pleasure to invite you to its seventh Equal@work Seminar,taking place in Brussels.



The Equal@Work Platform brings together businesses, social partners, NGOs, public authorities and academics committed to diversity and inclusion, to find solutions so that ethnic and religious minorities can fully participate in the labour market.


The theme of this year's seminar is "Moving forward on religion and belief at the work place: opportunities and challenges!" In increasingly diversifying societies, the demand for respect of all facets of one's identity at the workplace is increasing. Striving to develop inclusive workplaces and well-being on the job, an increasing number of companies,including some strong leaders (IKEA, SODEXO), are proposing creative solutions to accommodate religious diversity among their employees.


While there is still no general consensus on practical solutions to effectively commit to full equality at the work place, employers are searching for ways to manage positively a diversity of beliefs and practices in a way that fosters inclusiveness, mutual understanding and, ultimately, productivity.


We are therefore looking for drivers of change, proposing practical solutions for a real integration of people with different faiths at the workplace. We are inviting you to participate in an innovative platform,together with representatives of social partners (employers' and employees'organisations),with decision-makers, with representatives of different faiths.

Make sure you register to participate to the Equal@Work Seminar via this link:


More on ENAR's Equal@work Platform can be found at


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