Monday, 6 February 2012

Academy of Management Africa Conference Johannesburg, South Africa January 7-10, 2013

The purpose of this conference is to bring Africa’s unique capabilities and needs to the attention of the world’s organization and management scholars and at the same time, to provide an opportunity for interested colleagues to collaborate and work on the many interesting theoretical and practice problems presented in Africa.

If it can be said that the average conference is all about collaborators sharing the answers to their research questions, this conference is oriented more toward discovering questions worth asking and then building the collaborative relationships to answer them. Much of our time will be spent together exploring and experiencing many of these capabilities and challenges first hand. Each participant will spend one and a half days “in the field” directly experiencing South Africa and the phenomena that interest them. The conference themes will orient that exploration.


The Academy of Management Africa Conference will feature academic paper sessions, symposia, and experiential learning journeys centered on the following tracks:


Navigating Institutions: Business, Government, and Civil Society


Emerging Market Firms and MNCs: Characteristics and Global Aspirations


The Base of the Pyramid: Emerging Market Consumers, Workers, and Managers


Cultural Diversity and Transformational Societies


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