Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Call for papers: "Gender issues in Europe and Turkey: reflections, questions and perspectives"

Women make policy, run businesses, and work in areas from which they have long been excluded. As writers, painters and filmmakers, they are subjects of artistic expression. They give birth to children "if they want, when they want" and refuse to bow to dress codes imposed by authorities. Women's millennial struggle for citizenship and for equality  has long been shunned by the official histories. Even though it has become more visible in the present era in which information flows without interruption, and led to the acquisition of some rights, the following question remain so far unanswered: Have women achieved their objectives? Neither in Europe nor in Turkey rape, violence, inequality of wages, political under-representation, and symbolic annihilation have disappeared.

These are the discussion themes of the 9th "European Days"  jointly organized by the CREDE (Centre for European Research and Documentation)  and the Research Group on Gender of MEDIAR (Centre for Media Studies), which is to be held in 20-21 October 2011, at Galatasaray University, Istanbul,Turkey .

Since gender issues constitute a field of research and reflection for all social sciences and humanities, the sessions will be, by definition, interdisciplinary.

The following topics are suggested, but the call for papers remains open to new proposals / contributions:

- Gender Relations, Gender and Sexualities: discrimination / exclusion
- Violence against women: sexual violence, domestic violence, mobbing etc.
- In the era of "post-..." what about feminisms?
- Full citizens? Women in the City
- Rights, laws and realities: what about equalities?
- Glass ceilings, steel barriers: employment and wages of women
- The scarf/veil, jeans, heels and the skirt: to be and to be seen in public space
- Families of yesterday and today: how far are we from the tyranny that weighed on our mothers?
- Representing, reproducing, making: gender, arts and media

Deadline for the submission of abstracts: June 10, 2011
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