Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Race and the Cultural Industries Conference - Leeds

Wednesday 14th Sept 2011 at the Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds.

A one-day conference organised by the Media Industries Research Centre (MIRC), University of Leeds, in conjunction with the MeCCSA Race Network

Call for Papers

This conference will explore issues of race in contemporary cultural industries (film, television, music, theatre, publishing, radio etc.).

Following Greg Dyke's famous comment that the BBC is 'hideously white' there has been an increasing recognition of how non-whites are marginalised in the media - both on and off-screen. Indeed, in recent years there have been numerous initiatives launched across the cultural sector that have made efforts to increase and encourage participation from 'BME' groups.

While some important inroads have been made in terms of improving access to the cultural industries, there remain a number of tensions regarding social and cultural barriers to entry as well as critical issues to do with the representation of Blacks and Asians in the media. The aim of this conference is to explore these dynamics.

The conference is interdisciplinary and welcomes papers based on research on all sectors of the media, from news to entertainment, taken from the UK or more international contexts. It seeks to encourage participation from cultural practitioners as well as scholars in order to create a dialogue between research, policy and practice.

We welcome papers in anything related to the topic of race and the cultural industries, amongst which might be the following:
  • Race and the politics of representation
  • The media, multiculturalism and citizenship
  • Cultural policy and subsidising culturally diverse arts
  • The production of Black and Asian popular culture
  • Institutional racism in the cultural industries
  • Audience development and issues of marketing and distributing culturally diverse arts
  • Islamaphobia and the reporting/representation of the 'War on Terror'
  • Diasporic media practice
  • 'Glass ceilings' and the politics of quotas and diversity initiatives
  • New media, race and identity

To submit an abstract (300 words), or to simply register your interest, please email a.saha@leeds.ac.uk. The deadline for abstracts was June 1st 2011, yet will be extended.


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